STORY DEVELOPMENT and treatment writing
for film and TV drama

Taught over two 3-hour Zoom classes, this covers all the elements of creating a film or TV Drama story, writing a treatment, and approaching the film and TV production industries.

“I found the course really insightful and Paul FitzSimons skilfully managed to de-mystify the craft of writing a treatment. Invaluable.” - Maurice Sweeney, Director.


  • Using the Brain Dump to Establish the Broad Strokes of the story

  • Identifying the Characters and Influencers

  • Expanding the Concept into a Cinematic Plot

  • The Film And TV Industries – Bringing Our Story to the Market

  • What Tools Will We Have At Our Disposal?

  • The Synopsis – What We Use It For

  • What goes into The Synopsis

  • Why and how we tailor the Synopsis

  • Introduction to the Treatment



  • What Is A Treatment?

  • The Risks of Skipping The Treatment

  • What Is A Treatment Used For?

  • How The Treatment Helps Our Story’s Development

  • The Principle Elements Of The Treatment

  • Who Are We Sending The Treatment To

  • Elements of Every Treatment – Plot, Characters and Influencers, Obstacles, Goals, Conclusions and Climaxes, Tone and Theme

  • Why and how we might tailor the treatment

  • The Returnability of a TV Series – What Happens in Season 2?


“I loved listening to Paul speak with such passion and insight. His course was both enjoyable and educational, and helped reignite my passion for writing.” - Amanda Brunker, Bestselling Author and Playwright.

"Paul FitzSimons is very knowledgeable and experienced in story development and writing treatments. His course is filled with insights about what to include into a treatment, how to make it flow, mistakes to avoid and how a treatment is used." - Fiona Ashe, Director, Screenwriter and Academy Nicholl quarterfinalist.

"I was lucky enough to get a place on the treatment writing course with Paul Fitzsimons, I found this course to be incredibly helpful and insightful." - Roisin Kearney, Screenwriter